2″ Mini Cyclamen in Assorted Colored Over Pots

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2″ Mini Cyclamen in Assorted Colored Over Pots

Historically, Cyclamen were referred to as the “Butterfly” plant.  When it is in full bloom, you can see why.  When leaves are present, the plant is actively growing.  Water whenever the soil feels dry.  Avoid getting water on the crown of the plant.  Give cyclamen bright, indirect light.  High humidity, especially during the winter, is crucial.  Keep the cyclamen on a  tray of water with a layer of pebbles or something else to form a shelf for the cyclamen pot to sit on.  Do not let the cyclamen itself sit in standing water.



Mini Cyclamen

The Cyclamen plant, with its flowers resembling butterflies and luxurious colors is often consider the great seducer.   In flower language, it’s meaning is more precise.  Often being considered a symbol of sincerity.   Leaving little doubt about the friend that gives you this plant.  The word cyclamen is medieval Latin, meaning “circle” because of the round tuber.  At one time the native cyclamen were over-harvest.  Now some species are considered endangered.  Today a few areas have developed conservation techniques that carefully harvest and sow seed for future crops.  Most cyclamen today are propagated in nurseries without harm to the wild plants.

cyclamenPlant type: Perennial

Bloom:  The blooms will last up to several months.

Flower colors: Red, Pink, Bicolor, Lavender & White

Sunlight: Bright indirect light during the winter

Water: Water whenever the soil feels dry.  Avoid getting water on the crown of the plant.

Humidity: High humidity, especially during the winter is very important.

Temperature: Cyclamen do not like heat.  Do not let them be expose to frost like temperatures.

Fertilizer: Fertilize with low-nitrogen fertilizer every couple of weeks while in full leaf.  Do not fertilize while in bloom.

Native: Mediterranean area

Additional information

Weight 12 lbs
Dimensions 26 × 14 × 12 in


1 review for 2″ Mini Cyclamen in Assorted Colored Over Pots

  1. Marilyn

    I stumbled upon these adorable minis at a K-Mart store a little over a year ago. These Plants are hardy and amazing. They flowered the first year I had them and this year they are blooming even more. I normally kill my indoor plants, these ones keep coming back and I have a great schedule with them. I followed the instructions on fertilizing them when they are NOT in bloom and if I could post picture I would…they really bring me joy!! Thank you for offering these. I will be purchasing more soon to place throughout my house.

    • jmorris292@gmail.com

      We are so happy you came across our product! We are a family owned greenhouse that takes pride in what we do.

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