Mini Violet

VioletLight: Medium to Bright

Temperature: 55-70ºF

Moisture: Moderate moisture

Comments: Kalanchoes should last 3 to 6 weeks
Should re-bloom in 10 to 16 weeks
Do not fertilize during blooming period


This plant is commonly referred to as an African violet.   Typically, this is a classic household indoor plant.   But in warmer climates it can be an outdoor plant.

Plant type: Annual, or indoor perennial.

Bloom Season: Under the right care can bloom all year long.

Flower colors: Blue, Lavender, Pink, Purple Salmon and White.

Sunlight: Shade to partial shade.

Water: Room temperature water.  The soil should be thoroughly wet after watering.  Do not water again until the soil feel dry to the touch.

Humidity: Moist is good.

Temperature: This plant does best when the temperatures averages 60 to 70 degrees F.


Fertilizer: Fertilize regularly with any good water soluble fertilizer. Follow label directions.

Native: Is native to Tanzania and adjacent southeastern Kenya in eastern tropical Africa.


Micky’s minis continues to offer more plants with our unique soilless growth medium. This medium is specially designed to enhance the quality and shelflife of our miniature plants. Shipping with our soil us medium also eliminates loose dirt in the box from rough shipping conditions

By avoiding the normal causes that are detrimental to plants (i.e. excessive hot or cold temperatures, drafts, etc.) your customer should find much enjoyment from their Miniature Potted Plants. Remember, it is very easy to over water miniature potted plants. Therefore it is best to set them in  a pan of lukewarm water for about 10 to 20 minutes.  Then let the plant drain for 5 minutes before placing it back in its favorite spot. Most minis will require watering every 2 or 3 days depending on how hot and dry it is.

If your mini is grown in the foam medium, never let the foam go completely dry.  If it becomes hard, place the miniature plant in a pan of warm water for 30 to 60 minutes or until it starts to rehydrate.  Depending on how long the foam has been dry will determine if the plant can come back.

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