Micky’s Minis Terms & Conditions

Open your shipment inspect contents and notify Micky’s minis within 48 hours

Delayed air shipment:  If your plant shipment has been delayed by the carrier, open the boxes at once while still at the airport or at your location and inspect the condition of the plants and shipping container.   If there is damage, note any problems with the carrier.  Even if the damage seems widespread please do not refuse the shipment.  Call Micky’s minis immediately to report the losses

Claims: Micky’s Minis will file all claims on behalf of our customers who ship “pre-pay”.   In order to do the claims processing we require your signed a delivery receipt in any inspection report.   Always keep a copy for your files before sending us the original.

48 Business hours:  Any problems with your shipment must be reported within 48 hours of receiving the shipment.  This will ensure proper processing of your account

Return authorization: Call Micky’s Minis so we can provide you with a return authorization number.   Please state clearly the problem as this will allow us to better serve you in the future

Temperature damages:   Damages due to temperature will show within 24 hours.   It is best to check the temperature of the inside content at the time of arrival, as this will be helpful in the event of a claim. Terms & Conditions

Thank you for your business we appreciate being able to serve you