Micky’s Minis Flora Express

Thirty-three years ago, it was just an idea: sell miniature plants as a novelty gift item.




Our growers have years of experience handling our minis. Making sure every little plant gets the care they need.

All our product is hand picked to ensure our customers get the best quality we have to offer.

Our plants are packaged carefully and shipped very well protected – made to withstand transit.

“He who plants a garden, plants happiness.”

~Chinese Proverb
  • Over 30+ Years of Experience
  • Grown locally in Missouri
  • The largest selection of miniature plant varieties
  • Multi faceted customer support
  • Hablamos Español!


The name came in late 1989 when a group of family members were brainstorming about what to call this effort. Micky’s Minis is named after Micky Heimos Byland. Micky’s Minis, added the tag “Flora Express” to its name for trademark reasons. Micky’s Minis is a division of N. G. Heimos Greenhouses.

We thought of our miniature plant line as a gift item that happens to be a plant. Its distinctive small-scale offerings, is sold in a two-inch pot, included blooming potted plants, succulent plants, herbs, foliage and poinsettias. Colorful seasonal and holiday accessories are added to get Micky’s Minis that special gift look.

The first several years were spent building a market for Micky’s Minis as a gift item. This was achieved primarily by doing up to 60 trade shows a year. Trade shows included regional gift shows, supermarkets shows, restaurants/food service shows, convenience stores shows and even retail drug stores shows.

Micky’s Minis won the Impact Award for excellence in packaging from the Produce Marketing Association in 2008 for the “All Dressed Up” mini gift set. The “All Dressed Up” gift set is a clear plastic tube that protects the plants, with a colorful top and bottom sections that encloses everything. Then in October of 2010 Micky’s Minis was recognized as being Produce Marketing Association’s Floral Marketer of the Year.

Micky's Minis